“The matter of the editorial temper is a tricky one to define or capture, but I’ve had the good fortune to work alongside superb editors for more than three decades now, and I know it when I see it. Coralie Hunter is without question blessed with an editorial temper, which is the product of both her innate talents and character and six years of experience on the front lines and at the top of the heap of New York trade publishing. There isn’t much she hasn’t had to deal with and in my observation she has handled it all with unflappable aplomb. I would put a manuscript in her hands with complete confidence that the editorial advice she would offer would be the best anyone could expect.”

—Gerald Howard, Executive Editor and Vice-President, Doubleday

“Coralie was a dream to work with, from the acquisition process on.  Her edits were visionary and astute, and within a few months the book [Love Me Back by Merritt Tierce] blossomed into a richer, more intimate, and ultimately more commercial version of itself.”

—Anna Stein O’Sullivan, Senior Agent, Aitken Alexander Associates

“Coralie Hunter oversaw the U.S. edit of my debut novel The Distance, and I couldn’t have wished for a happier experience. From the outset she proved herself sensitive, smart and imaginative: clear on what needed changing and what didn’t, thoughtful in her suggestions, and always ready to go the extra mile in search of the solution that worked for everyone. She’s the best kind of editor – the kind that doesn’t dominate her authors but instead empowers them. I’d love the chance to work with her again.”

—Helen Giltrow, author of THE DISTANCE (Doubleday US/Orion UK)

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Coralie Hunter during her six-years at Doubleday. She has an extraordinary instinct for both fiction and non-fiction, but more importantly, she is a sharp, insightful and generous editor with a remarkable capacity for gently (yet firmly) challenging her authors to develop and refine their projects until they reach the best possible versions. She has a deep understanding of the publishing industry and is an extremely talented writer in her own right. Above all, it was her passion for literature and inspired advocacy for her authors that made her one of the most respected people at Doubleday.”

—Melissa Danaczko, Editor, Doubleday

“I can’t speak highly enough of my experience working with Coralie Hunter on my forthcoming novel, Bennington Girls Are Easy. Coralie’s sophisticated editorial eye combines tact, subtlety, and taste. She’s also a splendid advocate for her authors and a kind, supportive person. The book wouldn’t have been the same without her!”

—Charlotte Silver, author of BENNINGTON GIRLS ARE EASY (Doubleday)