Coralie Hunter Editorial offers a wide range of professional editing services to writers seeking expert guidance to improve their book manuscripts and meet all their publishing goals.

For more than a decade, Coralie Hunter has focused on working with prize-winning and bestselling writers within the publishing industry, including as an editor at Random House. She commands a unique understanding of the art of writing and the business of publishing, and takes a close, collaborative approach to every stage of the editorial process. She specializes in narrative nonfiction, memoir, commercial and literary fiction.


Whether your manuscript needs a professional polish or a significant revision, every book benefits from the keen, experienced eye of an editor. Coralie will work with you in all the following areas to ensure that your book meets its highest potential.


    • Structural Editing
    • Plot, Pacing & Character Development
    • Narrative Style & Voice Development
    • Line Editing
    • Basic Copyediting
    • Query Letter Review

    • What is your book about? How do you frame   your story for a broad audience?
    • How do you identify and strengthen the hook?
    • What is the commercial potential of your book idea? Are there any hindrances to publication?
    • You have a story outline, how do you turn it into a full-length book?

    • How to get an agent
    • How the traditional publishing process works & what your expectations should be as a writer
    • How to self-publish
    • How to write a pitch letter
    • How to develop your author platform

    • Copy Writing (agent query letters, book jacket copy,etc.)
    • Book Doctoring (select projects)